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Paola Fernanda Guzmán Figueroa is a visual artist and filmmaker. She works with film, analog experimentations, animation, installations, and performance. Her work is based on the narratives and the lived realities of her family members and the geographical distance among them. Paola’s art dissolves frontiers and connects the past with the present by evoking situations, stories, and elements that are placed in constant motion and in dialogue with each other. She has a BA and MA degree from The University of the Arts Helsinki and a BA in Visual Arts from Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia.


Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues such as Governors Island, New York City (2023), CICA Museum, South Korea (2022), Doclisboa International Film Festival (2023), Cultural Centre Gabriel García Márquez, Bogotá (2022) and Oodi Helsinki Central Library (2023). Paola has recently participated in residencies at Saari Residence, Finland, and Residency Unlimited, New York, supported by The Finnish Cultural Institute.



2020 - 2022 MFA, “Time and Space Arts”, The University of the Arts Helsinki, (FI).

2020 Exchange in Film directing, TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes. Madrid, (ES).

2016 - 2019  BFA, “Time and Space Arts”, The University of the Arts Helsinki, (FI).

2010 - 2015 BFA, “Visual Arts with Audiovisual emphasis”, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, (COL).

2013 - 2014 Exchange in Scenography, Aalto University, Dept. of Film, TV and Scenography. Helsinki (FI).




2023 Exhibition & Animation “Nanita, para siempre”. Oodi Central Library, Nov. Helsinki (FIN)


2022 “Nanita, para siempre”. Exhibition of animation film and drawings, Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez, February. Bogotá (COL)

2021 “Returning to the Island”, Film and Installation, Project room. Dec-Jan 2022. Helsinki (FI).

2020 “Time Travel” film at Feel Helsinki Festival, screened on Musiikkitalo screen street. Helsinki (FI).

2016 “Minun Kieltä”, Video projection at Sörnainen, Metro station, Helsinki, (FI)




2022 "Time Travel" and “Paola: Mommy, say something to the camera. Mom”, films at "Experimental Film and Video 2022, CICA Museum Czong Institute for Contemporary Art  (KOR).

2021“Paola: Mommy, say something to the camera. Mom” Film/Installation, Project Room. Helsinki (FI).

2021“Feathers” Exquisite Futures, film, produced by Kino club collective. Helsinki (FI).

2021“Feathers” Exquisite Futures film project, Screened at Alex Berlin TV channel. Berlin (DE).

2020 Exhibitor of “The bar room” Expanded Cinema exhibition at Exhibition laboratory. Helsinki (FI).

2019 “Time travel” installation BA Exhibition. Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (FI).

2019 “Movement in Photography” analog photographs, Tasku Gallery, April. Helsinki, (FI).

2019 “The latency of Images”  Photography exhibition, Exhibition laboratory. Helsinki (FI).

2018 “Guillotine” film screening at Kaipuu, silent film festival, Kuulturitalo. Helsinki (FI).

2018 Kino Club at Red May, Punainen toukoku, film screening and performace. Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki (FI).

2015 “The Other Side” Installation Project, Prague Quadrennial of Performance. Prague, (CZ).

2015 Screening of “Mi Akuaario” Fictional Documentary, ELO KEVÄTNÄYTÖS 2015 Helsinki (FI).

2014“ Bubble Land ” Scenography and Performance, SUMIN Children’s Theatre Nordic Baltic. Viljandi (EST).




2020 Time Travel, walk in El Retiro park, Madrid (ES)

2020 Time Travel, walk in Barrio Bonanza, Bogotá (COL)

2019 Movement in photography, my aquarium. Walk in Valilla, Helsinki (FI).




2022 "Crimes of Passion" Blaue Frau r.f., April and May. Heksinki, (FI).

2021 Testifilmi Oy, scenography and camera tasks, internship, Autumn. Helsinki, (FI).

2019 “The Barber” shortfilm, dir. Theo af Enehielm Helsinki (FI)

2018 “Paradisdoktrinen” Theater play, Mestola rf, 4eTeatern & Ö2Teatern. Västerås & Stockholm (SE).

2017  “Steffi” TV serie, Five Corners Production OY, Yle Fem. Helsinki (FI).

2017 “Paradisdoktrinen”play, dir: Fredrik Lundqvist&Joséphine Wistedt, Mestola rf,Viirus Teater.Helsinki(FI).

2016 “Chekhov Machine goes Beckett” dir: Cris af Enehielm at STOA and Tiivistamo, Suvilahti. Helsinki (FI).

2016  “The Land of the Midnight Fun” play with “Helsingin Gayteatteri ry”play, Savoy Theater. Helsinki (FI).

2016 “An autobiography” Film, dir: Mari Mantela, prop assistant. Helsinki (FI).

2015 “Three sisters” play, dir:Cris af Enehielm Pori Theater Festival and Madhouse.Pori & Helsinki (FI).





2021 "A transcultural Journey for harp, voice, electronics & visuals” dir: Natalia Castrillón. Helsinki (FI).

2019 Ääni Festival of Audiovisual oddity,Vj’ing together with Manialog Ensemble. Helsinki (FI).

2017 Vj’ing performance project at Alakulttuuritalo, Kevätbakkanaalit, Helsinki (FI).

2016 “The Land of the Midnight Fun”, “Helsingin Gayteatteri ry”, theater play SAVOY Theater. Helsinki, (FI).

2016 “Chekhov Machine machine goes Beckett” at STOA and Tiivistamo, Suvilahti. Helsinki (FI).

2015 ‘Mutanttikieltä: On Translation | On Poetry’, Video Installation, CAISA, Helsinki, (FI).





2017 – Present Co-founder and director of artist film collective Kino Club. Helsinki, (FI).

2017 – 2021 Project based: producer, social media manager at Interkult ry. Helsinki, (FI).

2020 Curator of Expanded Cinema-Kino Club, Exhibition Laboratory. Helsinki, (FI).

2019 Animation Project producer & teacher at Aseman Lapset ry at Friends program, Helsinki & Vaasa, (FI).

2018 Producer of Kaipuu Festival, Festival of improvised sound and silent film, Helsinki, (FI).



2022 Finnish Cultural Institute Madrid: Grant support for Exhibition of the animation in Colombia “Nanita, para siempre”. Bogotá, (COL)

2021 Finnish Art Society, Young Artist Grant with Film project. Helsinki, (FI),

2021 Taike: Covid-19 grant giving to the development of installation project “Womb in to the city”. Helsinki, (FI).

2021 The University of the Arts Helsinki, Exhibition Grant, Helsinki, (FI).

2020 Taike: Covid-19 grant giving to the development of animation project “Para siempre”. Helsinki, (FI).

2015 Award with “ The Other Side ” Project, Gold Medal PQ 2015 for Best Exposition in the Student Section: Finland & 1st Place: Children’s Audience, Quadrennial of Performance, Design and and Space. Prague, (CZ).





2019 Art residency with University of the Arts Helsinki and Stockholm University of the Arts. Berlin, (DE).

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