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Regresando a la Isla - Returning to the Island (2021-2022) Film and Installation. Shot with Super 8 mm Canon 310XL Camera, 16 mm Paillard Bolex H16 Camera, and GoPro Hero 6. Use of double exposure and photograms.

About: Through the work, I intend to explore topics related to migration and family dynamics. I make use of analog film, a method requiring liquids and circular movements, that has naturally enabled me to undertake deeper analysis and explorations over the elements captured through the camera.

The idea of belonging or “being inside” has always come to my mind when thinking of an aquarium, to belong to a group, to belong to a system, to be inside of our minds, to be inside of a body, to be inside of a space. As it is connected to water, an aquarium has also allowed me to ponder ideas about someone’s past, life changes, transitions, and self-observing. In the middle of these meanings, a deep sense of warmness and nostalgia have also shown up strongly.

Shows: Project Room Gallery, December 2021-January 2022

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